Customization service:

Logo customization

If the customer needs to customize the logo on the product, we need to know the size and color of the customer's logo, as well as the position that the customer wants to customize.We will calculate the customized cost for the customer's confirmation according to the requirements. Once there is no problem, we will start to make the screen printing plate, and then we will make the sample for the customer to confirm. If it’s ok, we will start the mass production.

Color box packing customization

If the customer needs to customize the color box packaging, we also need to know the customer's specific requirements and budget.We will send the cutting die drawing of the original packaging to the customer, and the customer will draw the design draft according to their own needs, and then send it back to us.We will give the design to a professional packaging factory for production. 

Customization time

The customization time may vary according to the product model and customer demand, generally ranging from 15 to 30 days

Shipping service:

Whether it is door to door service or customs clearance service, or other problems, we can help you solve, you do not have to do anything, we can deliver the goods to your hands safely and timely.

Test service:

If you are in a foreign country but want to test the products bought in China, we can provide the service to help you test the product. 

After service:

We offer one-year warranty.


Our factory has been established for several years, has a wealth of market experience.We have an elite design team and experienced staffs. Our products cover every requirement, Male or female, couple or LGBT, you all can find the things you need right here. We have a great support for our customer, like OEM/ODM, MOQ, delivery time, after service,etc, we can help you on that. Your success is our success. We will try our best to help you grow the business. 

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