3 Ways to Extend Your Sex Time

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1. The most important thing is to strengthen your physique and exercise. Under normal circumstances, people with better health have longer sex, just like young people have longer sex than middle-aged people on average, so usually pay attention to the muscles of the waist and abdomen. Doing Kegel exercises is very important to exercise the pelvic floor muscles and increase their hardness, which can also improve the ability to control ejaculation.

2. If the time is too short, you have to learn to be distracted when making love. Many people sometimes hear the voice of their girlfriend or wife, and they can't help it. This is very normal. Many people are so sensitive, especially to the sound of making love, then you need to consciously not listen to it, focus on the tip of your nose, and learn to meditate. This can be very long-lasting, and it is very effective in improving the problem of listening to sound.

3. Adjust the twitching speed, or change the body position. The female upper style and the side-lying style can prolong the sex time very well. Because men exert less force and relax their muscles, they can better control the desire to ejaculate, but if the spot check speed is too fast, It is also difficult to control, so adjusting the speed appropriately when making love is also an effective way.

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