Recommendations on the selection and use of female sex toys vibrating eggs

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1. What's the difference between tumbled eggs and tumbled eggs?

External vibrating eggs, also known as vibrating eggs, generally look like eggs, with a vibrating motor inside. They are basically female masturbation tools for external use. There are two types of manual and remote control. Vibrating eggs can only be used externally to stimulate the clitoris and clitoral dryness. Insertion into the vagina is very small, because it is too small to basically touch the 4-5cm G_spot.

Internal vibrating eggs, that is, a stick-shaped female masturbation tool, is typically a double-ended vibrating vibrating egg, which is generally inserted. Most of these vibrating eggs can stimulate the clitoris and g-spot at the same time, and the vibration intensity will be much larger. Many of them have two motors, so consider the vibration noise.

2. Everyone is concerned about the price difference?

External-use vibrating eggs are generally cheaper, and you can buy a good one for less than 100, while internal-use vibrating eggs cost about 200-300 to buy a passable one.

3. How should the novice choose?

(1) If you haven't had sex yet and don't want to give your first time to a vibrator, then you can only buy an external vibrator.

(2) If you have not been exposed to this kind of sex toys and are interested, then start with the external use of vibrating eggs, and then look for other products with stronger feelings after you get used to it.

(3) Regarding the size of the jumping eggs, because women need to constantly adjust the position and angle of the jumping eggs when masturbating, the smaller the better, most of the jumping eggs will be 2.8-3.0cm in diameter, which is more suitable for beginners. For external use, there is a need for insertion, and it is best not to exceed the diameter of 3.5cm to avoid injury due to lack of experience. Before, a girl bought a little whale with a diameter of 3.6cm, which was difficult to penetrate.

(4) Textures. Now all kinds of jumping eggs advertise how deep their textures are. I am very disapproving. A little texture does have different levels of feeling, but there are too many textures and it is difficult to clean. It is easy to cause bacteria to accumulate and cause inflammation. .

(5) Material, the silicone surface is closer to human skin, the temperature is moderate, the friction force is slightly larger, and it has a certain elasticity. Basically, the better vibrating eggs and vibrating rods are made of silicone, which is waterproof and skin-friendly.

(6) function, now there are more and more functions of jumping eggs, not to mention wireless ones, and what remote connections are there now, thinking about long-distance relationships and playing two-player games is quite cool, but in my opinion, toy's The core is "pleasure" and "safety". Originally, I am also an engineering dog who does control work. My suggestion is that friends who like wireless remote control should buy a version with its own remote control. This kind of chip is relatively stable one-to-one. .Otherwise, you will encounter a lot of dropped calls, slow connections, and slow responses during use, and other people's mobile phones may be able to connect to your toys, which is a very bad experience.

In fact, there is not much difference in the sense of vibration. Don't look at the 10-frequency advertised. In fact, only one or two will have a special feeling, and the others will be used as a foil.However, there is a kind of vibrating egg that can automatically adjust the temperature. It is very easy to use in winter, although it is quite tasteless. It is good to soak it in hot water in winter. But don't scald with boiling water, it will burn the surface material! It is best to wash with a lotion after diluting it with water.

(7) If you bought foreplay, then it’s fine to buy vibrating eggs. From my male perspective and my experience of chatting with customers, most men still don’t mind vibrating eggs, but they have a certain degree of vibrator. The "hostility" seems to be that it robs us of our lives and takes care of our face.

(8) Tumbling eggs and vibrating sticks are best used with lubricating fluid. Silicone is skin-friendly, but there is still friction when touching it. This is what many people have given me feedback, so it is better to prepare a bottle of lubricating fluid.

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