Teach you how to arouse your partner's libido

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What are the most sensitive parts of men and women? Knowing these, you can arouse each other's sexual desire more easily~ and have a more refreshing love time.

In fact, some people have done surveys on these things for a long time. Among them, the British surveyed the most comprehensive. They asked the respondents to score 41 parts of the body, and selected the top ten most sensitive parts. Among them, men's Yes: private parts, lips, inner thighs, neck, nipples, waist, navel and forearm. For women: private parts, lips, neck, nipples, breasts, buttocks, crotch, knees and feet.

This is arranged in scores. It can be seen that in addition to the first private part, other parts can also be stimulated gently to make lovers have love, and the bottom is the feet. Therefore, many people think that the feet are also very important. important sexual sites.

And men have almost as many sexually sensitive areas as women, not only one sensitive point of the penis, female friends should pay attention to this, they can stimulate their other parts more during sex with their boyfriends or husbands, Try to find their sensitive points, I believe they will be very surprised and give you a hard response.

It is worth noting that the ranking of sensitive parts is not omnipotent. Everyone's sexual sensitivity zone is different. Even for the same person, the sexual sensitivity zone will be different at different ages and even different environments.

Here's a little trick for you. You can start from your lover's "itch" to find your erogenous zone. Many people are ticklish, and many people resist others touching their waist and back. If you have such a partner, then you are considered Earned, their feelings for caress are particularly obvious! The more ticklish the place, the more sexual desire can be mobilized during love.

And these ticklish areas can't be stimulated so rudely with your hands. You should use your tongue and lips to explore slowly through kissing, and slowly open these sensitive areas, otherwise, the other party will be very resistant.

Specifically how to do it, I will say a general method: start from the partner's forehead, and slowly kiss the other's face, lips, neck, and earlobes. For a very gentle kiss, it is best to start moisturizing the lips, or apply a bit of fruity lip balm. The itch will gradually be replaced by aroused sexual pleasure, then your partner will be very excited and comfortable~.

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