Four types of spanking

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The two parties discussed and decided to start spanking in a specific scenario. Such as parents and children, domineering presidents and subordinates, doctors and patients, teachers and students, police and prisoners.

Then dress yourself up as the character you want to play, kick ass with your heart, and experience more fun and joy in the process.

Note: Cosplay spanking can also be combined with love spanking.

In role-playing, Spanker (slapper) takes the lead, and Spanker (slapper) can freely control the tone and rhythm of the slapper.

In order to make each other feel mentally happy, the severity of the spanking also needs to be decided before both parties start, and it must not continue in a state of being too hasty and too heavy! ! Of course, if you want to be unexpected and exciting enough, then please play it yourself!

With Spankee, you have to match the requirements of your role, age, gender, personality, etc., and make sure you like to do all of these things in advance. Of course, you can also say a few scolding words at the right time, and integrate yourself into the role you play.

2. Punishment

Punishment type is Spankee's punitive spanking because his performance was not good enough or he violated the code of conduct agreed by the two parties. Spankee needs to be forgiven by Spanker, and he must accept Spanker's punishment.

Spanker (the slapper) To let Spankee (the battered) clearly know what he did wrong, slapping hard and berating is undoubtedly the best way. The main point is to let them know which of the common rules and regulations they have violated. And also remind them that there will be serious consequences for making similar mistakes in the future!

As Spankee, I was supposed to abide by the agreement, but didn't. Then you have to take responsibility for your actions. This is a process of self-redemption for you, and you need to get Spanker's forgiveness for your wrongdoing.

When Spanker spanks you need to shed genuine tears and feel the pain of spanking deeply. Even so, don't blame the other half, because you made a mistake and you have to accept his or her punishment for you.

3. love type

The love type is a form of spanking with foreplay as the main form, and the result of this is generally to the satisfaction of one or both parties. These forms are often very sensual and playful in nature. For example, both partners will touch very private locations, and this form of spanking will also serve as a certain warm-up before sex.

Spanker needs to bask in the pleasure, take a moment to rub his hands and pat his soft, warm cheeks, and be able to fully perform this sexy spanking form, gently, Slow and gentle slaps and let your fingers brush back and forth over those tender sensitivities until his ass turns a sexy rosy red. Make sure you hear Spankee's warning sound, because slapping too hard will affect your mood, too light and meaningless and you will lose that pleasure, but you can't spoil your little one too much~

Spankee should enjoy that naughty atmosphere, and let Spanker know how much you enjoy spankee slapping you, spanker rubbing and squeezing your little ass will make you fascinated, you can even Spread your legs and allow Spanker to gently touch your sensitive areas.

4. Healing

The purpose of healing spanking is neither sexual foreplay nor some kind of punishment, but to release one's emotions.

Spanker needs to stay awake and calm, spanking must maintain a certain intensity and rhythm, and sometimes encourage him to be beaten, cry if he wants to cry, be sure to let him know that he is safe and not who will be blamed. You have to pay attention to his body language and cries all the time, you have to pay attention to his state all the time, and if there is any discomfort, you have to make adjustments.

Spankee tries to be as comfortable as possible without being restrained. Do whatever poses you find relaxing, struggle, or say whatever you want. This is your time, and you can completely relax by giving yourself to him or you will feel scared. You should immerse yourself completely in it and show your vulnerable side without reservation.

Correct whipping position: Distributing the butt evenly and reasonably is the key.

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