3 Sex Tips From Science To Make Foreplay Better

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     Foreplay is an important aspect of satisfying sex, but partners are often confused about the details of doing it well. From a scientific point of view, foreplay can be understood as increasing the intimacy of touching and kissing, with the purpose of arousing sexual desire and providing pleasure in both parties. So, to do good foreplay, you need to know where, how and for how long.

      1. The location of the foreplay

      Research shows that after kissing the lips, you move from areas of lower libido to areas of higher libido. Specifically, this usually means kissing and stroking the neck, stroking the back and chest, then moving to the more sensitive areas, the buttocks, thighs, and finally, the genitals. Doing it this way is the best way to strengthen intimacy, ensuring that both parties are warm and comfortable.


      2. How to foreplay

      The science of how to touch erogenous zones is called emotional touch. This type of touch is summarized in a review and meta-analysis by Russo, Ottaviani, and Spitoni (2020). The authors explain that this emotional and pleasurable touch activates specific neurosensors (c-tactile sensors) in the skin, which are found in hairy areas of the body. These C-type tactile afferents are typically activated at skin temperature (32 °C) and upon contact at the usual "stroking" velocity (3 or 5 cm/sec). Simply put, touching someone warmly will slowly activate these special nerves and make them feel their best. Good touch and sexy kissing is slow and sexy, and it gets more passionate and intense as things go on. All in all, foreplay is all about touching and kissing your partner, in sensitive areas, slowly and warmly, until they feel happy and excited.

       3. The length of the foreplay

       Finally, arousal through foreplay takes time to complete. Twice, a few kisses, and one more lick, nothing will do. The results of the study showed that the average length of ideal foreplay was similar for men and women (18-19 minutes). Overall, it seems that both men and women want more foreplay than they usually experience. Enjoy kissing each other's mouth and neck (at least 5 minutes) and stroking each other's back and chest. Then continue to stroke and kiss the more sensitive areas around the thighs and genitals (for at least another 5 minutes). From there, be sure to directly stimulate and stimulate your partner's genital area by touching, kissing, and/or oral sex. Do this until they're comfortable with sex (if that's the end goal), or passionate about sex itself. If you spend at least 8 minutes on the last step, you will reach the ideal length of foreplay. You can even have fun with it and go beyond it. Listen to your partner and your own preferences. Both of you are the best experts and when it comes to sex, you'll be excited and fulfilled. So talk to each other, find what works for you, and remember to enjoy each other too.

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